Take a peek inside-Taiwan

Hi all, happy Friday again. How was your week?Did you have a good one? Fall is sneaking in the air slowly. Can you smell it especially in the morning? I’m looking forward to this weekend. At the mean time, I will like to share with you on my recent trip to Taiwan.

A small little shop that sell unique gifty crafty handmade stuff.

Lamplight decorated with colorful socks.

Full of flavor….

Illustrations I expecially like …


Spoke “person” for this little shop…

She sells ice cream. Brilliant marketing strategy.

What do you see here?

Shop that sell different type of soy bean drinks

Gothic look and feel…

麻辣火鍋;Restaurant that sell all things spicy…

Zen Garden in the restaurant

Drink with Love.

Please proof read this and tell me what went wrong.

A little more…

That’s it for now. Have a good weekend.


4 thoughts on “Take a peek inside-Taiwan

    • Bingo William. It was a dog . Her name was “妹妹”. He was selling Goat milk ice cream. Our highlight of the day was playing with her while we got stuck in the high mountain.

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