Pablo Picasso said….

: Good artists copy. Great artists steal.

I took the quiz “Who Were You In A Past Life?” and the result come out was Pablo Picasso. Emmmm…Saying in this life I continue to be revolutionary, stubborn, an active lover, enjoy breaking the rules, and react poorly to heartbreak…well, I am not sure how true this can be, but definitely agree on what the most recognized artist in 20th-century said:

Good artists copy. Great artists steal.

Maybe as a designer I will say good designers copy, great designers steal. Never copy because you can never be as good as the original. But you can definitely steal the idea, evaluate, analyze it and elaborate from there and then make it part of yours. Most importantly it will become unique in its own.

The ideas behind is the stealing the source of inspirations. It makes you think further and beyond by just looking at peoples’ treatment on different design elements. Then you reassemble them so to come out with a design solution that fit into your work. It requires your understanding of the 7 basic of good design: Unity, Gestalt, Space, Color, Dominance, Hierarchy and Balance. Designing is more than just simply a mix and match, It is an intellectual behavior and also how a good designer’s product evolves.

So don’t be afraid. Steal it.


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