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Do you remember the time your mother soothe you to sleep, letting your little heart settled with sweet dream, does this familiar song takes you back to your naive age ?Embrace yourself with this song and feel being love once more time.

In compassion lies the world’s true strength.

Toys Paradise 玩具天堂-香港玩具文化與創意

Hi all Toy Paradise is coming to town. If you haven’t been to this museum showcase, you might want to drop by this weekend and get to know more about the culture of toy industry in Hong Kong. A collection of around 800 toys made in/by Hong Kong during different eras will be displayed, including some very rare toys. Most importantly, it is free of charge.Ya…!!! Some effort were made by government to encourage public involvement in cultural activities.
I find it very entertaining to look at some of the students’ work. Full of humor in the creations, an encounter that I never anticipated with, and catches everyone with surprise. Some artworks have generate certain level of surprise, that I couldn’t not engaged in.

Mysterious little holes…

The world inside…

恋上你- 情人節快樂.


 恋上你- 情人節快樂.


Music in your soul

Don’t die with your music still inside you.
Listen to your intuitive inner voice
and find what passion stirs your soul.
– Wayne Dyer

Happy New Year

Happy New year!!
2012 has always thought as a year of dramatic changes with lot of predictions and beliefs. Some suggest it marks the end of the world, other regards 2012 as the new beginning of a new era. Instead of pondering whether this is going to happen, we should live each moment as if it were going to be the last day of our life.

For this beginning of new year it is worth to take some time to reflect what the past year was about. When is your Moment in life that is most unforgettable? A time of engagement, the time to failure or the success moment?
Here are the illustrations I wanted to share with you on the moment in time that I did for the calendar. Enjoy.